2023 is wrapped! Thanks for a great conference!

Why We Photograph: Creating Images with Deeper Meaning

2 Billion photos are uploaded to the internet every, single, day. With so much noise out there, it's only getting harder to stand out as a photographer and have your voice be heard. Meaningless content is easy to create, but images that tell a story, that are thought provoking, that move us, are much harder to come by. I have found that creating images with deeper meaning–that have a powerful message and impact on those that see them–has helped my work to stand out and also give me a greater purpose with my art. In this presentation I will be sharing the most important things I have learned that go into creating meaningful photo


ERIC BENNETT- I believe that landscape photography has the power to cause people to fall in love with the remarkable, natural beauty of our planet. My travels are motivated by this idea that if I can capture a place in the right way, I can give the world a glimpse of its true value in its unaltered, natural state. I hope that my imagery can inspire a desire in others to protect and conserve the little wilderness we have left. Following the Outsiders photography conference, I will be teaching a 2 day virtual workshop. This workshop will focus on creating concise and powerful imagery both through compositional and lighting techniques as well as post processing. You can learn more and sign up here: www.bennettfilm.com/LessIsMoreWorkshop