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Suzanne is a professional Landscape and Nature photographer, author, workshop instructor and speaker whose work regularly appears in Arizona Highways Magazine, as well as numerous national publications such as National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photographer. Her prints are also exhibited in both commercial and private collections around the country.
An Adobe Certified Expert in Lightroom and Photoshop, Suzanne teaches workshops in Landscape Photography, Photoshop and Lightroom for Arizona Highways Photo Workshops as well as her own private workshops and classes.

Suzanne was born and raised amidst the green rolling hills of the English countryside but is now completely at home surrounded by the arid desert and swirling sandstone of the Southwest. She finds Arizona a land of intense beauty and preposterous contradiction.
Her photographs capture the diversity of waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, autumn leaves and desert sands, from the magnitude of the immense landscape to the smallest, most discreet of details.
“The desert can be unforgiving of even the smallest errors, treating the unprepared harshly. But, for the few with passion, those who are willing to begin their trek at the end of the road, the secret world of the Southwest is revealed.”

Suzanne loves to challenge the ruggedness of the land, the great distances to be traveled, and intense weather conditions to capture images of Arizona and the Southwest that expose its many treasures and extremes.
Her images reflect her keen sense of curiosity, patience and the ability to see the world and its magic places in new and creative ways.