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Susan Magnano - Illuminating Your Nightscapes: Tips & Tricks to Illuminating You Night Scene

Typically when we are shooting landscapes we are stuck with the current lighting conditions but when the sun goes down you can create our own light. This presentation will not only teach you how to capture images but to how to create images. You are the artist, darkness is your canvas, and your lights are your paint. You will learn how to use light to shape and reveal your foreground. We will discuss what tools to use and also the difference between light painting vs low level light. By the end of this presentation you will have a new approach to lighting the night.

SPEAKER: Susan Magnano is a photographer, an explorer and an educator who loves capturing the beauty of the people and places around her. As an award-winning photographer with over 20 years of experience, Susan is a respected educator in the industry and now shares her innovative techniques on her Photo Adventures. Photour Adventures was created out of Susan’s desire to share her passion for photography and travel through workshops and photowalks. She loves chasing the best light from sunrise to sunset through red rock canyons, lush forests and iconic city streets. Once the sun sets, Susan typically springs into action, teaching her favorite subject, light painting and shooting the stars till the wee hours of the morning. Susan has led photo adventures for B&H Photo, Canon, and IPhone Photography School.