2023 is wrapped! Thanks for a great conference!

Stop Being a 1-Dimensional Photographer!

We're all guilty of it: going to a beautiful place with the sole intention of photographing the most banging banger that ever banged. But the sin committed here is that photographing this way reduces our complex planet to a string of one-dimensional trophy shots. It's a cartoonishly-simply way of looking at the world. Much like saying "the reason I love my spouse is because she has beautiful hair." But of course, the landscapes -and people- we love are endlessly nuanced and layered. And if we truly want to capture their spirit we can't simply traipse from location to location, shooting a series of one-off shots. Nay! We must dig deeper, peel back the onion layers, and photograph all the facets of the places we find special. In this no-BS talk, Joshua Cripps will teach you the power of personal photo projects for creating stunning diversity and depth in your portfolio. You will learn the specific parts every photo project needs to tell a complete story, as well as how a multi-layered approach to photographing your favorite places will help you find your artistic vision, express what's important to you, and reach an audience whose passion matches yours.

SPEAKER: Josh Cripps is a wilderness landscape photographer living in beautiful Mammoth Lakes, California. He shoots campaigns and gives presentations for Nikon, and his work has been featured in publications like Outdoor Photographer, Pop Photo, and Landscape Photography Magazine. Josh also runs photography tours in the US and New Zealand, teaches online courses, and runs a popular landscape photography, adventure, and travel YouTube channel.