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Panel Discussion - Conservation In Nature Photography

Panel Discussion surrounding Conservation efforts within Photography


DAVID JOHNSTON - I started my journey in photography in 2004 when I took a film photography course in high school. It was an amazing experience to shoot with film and then bring those images to life in the darkroom. There is definitely an enormous difference in film and digital photography. Film cameras taught how to get my light correct in-camera as best possible. However, it was in 2010 that I really became obsessed with photography after I got my first DSLR camera. I decided to put all of my energy into photography to make it my life career. I knew I couldn’t quit my full-time job right away, but I could hustle with photography on the side until I could do photography full-time. In 2014 I started my first blog and podcast called Photography Roundtable. I had a good run with the podcast and it enabled me to meet some of my best photography friends, teach, and run photography workshops in national parks in the United States.


Sapna is a nature photographer based in Northern California. She is currently pursuing dual careers as a photographer and a physician. As a radiologist she studies images in an attempt to establish diagnosis and to achieve cure. As a photographer she aspires to generate images that are both a creative expression for the artist as well as a therapeutic visual for the audience. Her time is divided equally between these two careers.

She conducts small group photography workshops focused on creative expression both within the country as well as internationally. The workshops are conducted in accordance with "Nature first" principles emphasizing Nature conservation, and impact reduction.
Her work has been published across the globe and featured on National Geographic, Adobe, Sony and Flickr platforms.

In addition to incorporation into multiple medical centers across Northern California to create an ambiance of healing, her images have been used for video conferencing needs by corporations including Google, Gap, Hitachi, Yahoo etc.

Sapna has been a guest speaker at the Adobe Headquarters, B&H event space, Photography conferences  and at camera clubs across the country. In addition to speaking engagements, she also contributes articles on a regular basis to various magazines including OnLandscape, Popular Photography and Outdoor Photographer magazine.
She is a brand ambassador for Gura Gear and Valleret, and  works as a creative collaborator with B&H, Flickr, and BayPhoto.
Select images are available for purchase across 80 countries worldwide through the art gallery franchise Yellowkorner. A significant portion of the proceeds from the sales of the images on her own website are directed to charity

ERIC BENNETT - I believe that landscape photography has the power to cause people to fall in love with the remarkable, natural beauty of our planet. My travels are motivated by this idea that if I can capture a place in the right way, I can give the world a glimpse of its true value in its unaltered, natural state. I hope that my imagery can inspire a desire in others to protect and conserve the little wilderness we have left. Following the Outsiders photography conference, I will be teaching a 2 day virtual workshop. This workshop will focus on creating concise and powerful imagery both through compositional and lighting techniques as well as post processing. You can learn more and sign up here: www.bennettfilm.com/LessIsMoreWorkshop

PHILL MONSON - Having started a love of photography shortly after graduating college in 2007 with an entry-level camera and a three-week trip to Europe, Phill discovered the incredible Desert Southwest, and has dedicated the last decade to capturing this diverse landscape. He regularly presents to small and large groups discussing landscape and astro-landscape photography techniques, and is well known in the landscape photography arena of the new digital age. Recently, Phill has taken on a new endeavor in design and creating an apparel line focused on promoting wilderness ethics and how to Adventure Responsibly. Phill lives near Salt Lake City, UT with his wife and two children.