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Josh Cripps - Why You’re Not Getting Better As A Photographer

Over the past 10 years of leading workshops, I've noticed that over and over again I was helping my attendees with the same concepts, issues, and problems. What I realized is that there are common pits of photographic quicksand out there that suck in a great many of us, preventing us from further development in our photography journey. If you're reading this, chances are you too have felt stuck in your photography, like you have plateaued, like you are Just. Not. Getting. Better. So what gives?? In this fun and fast paced talk I will outline the major sand pits that I see affecting the vast majority of us (including myself), as well as how you can escape them and go on to fulfill your potential as a landscape and nature photographer.
Josh Cripps
Josh Cripps is a wilderness landscape photographer living in beautiful Lone Pine, California. He shoots campaigns and gives presentations for Nikon, and his work has been featured in publications like Outdoor Photographer, Pop Photo, and Landscape Photography Magazine.

Josh also runs photography workshops in the US and New Zealand, teaches online courses, and owns The Whitney Gallery in Lone Pine.