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Jen Grand is a landscape and cityscape photographer based out of her hometown of Seattle, WA. She grew up in a family of falconers and fishermen and from an early age was drawn to the beauty in wild things, and natures design. The diverse terrain and dynamic weather of the Pacific Northwest offer an abundance of photographic opportunities, and four years ago she began toting a camera along on her hikes and travels. Attending a Photo Cascadia workshop around that time, and meeting a vibrant community of like minded creatives and supportive mentors also became a catalyst to her entry into the field of landscape photography as a second career. She also learns daily from the seniors she works with as an HR manager in the health care industry.

An explorer at heart, you can find Jen out when the weather is most interesting, or volatile. There is often a very fine line between capturing a superb image or a lens full of raindrops. Seeking to unite a vision of a subject in specific light or set of environmental conditions is part of the fun, experience and challenge for her.

Aspiring to create a forum open to all genres and levels of experience where female photographers can build camaraderie, collaborate and grow in their art, Jen founded the Pacific Northwest Women’s Photography Club in 2018. Local community building efforts and developing opportunities for empowerment for female photographers in the field is a strong focus of her overall career goals. Along with her friend and partner, Canadian based landscape photographer Ireena Worthy, Jen has also recently launched Venturous Woman. Venturous Woman facilitates unique, inspirational photographic journeys by bringing together women of different backgrounds, cultures and histories who have a common love of photography, and encouraging shared discovery of the visual art of storytelling.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JenGrandPhotography/