2023 is wrapped! Thanks for a great conference!

Integrating Time: Harnessing The Power of Shutter Speed

As photographers, we capture moments of time. How long our shutter stays open says a lot about the resultant photograph and the mood and dynamism it conveys. In this presentation, David Swindler will discuss new ways to think about shutter speed and how to use it effectively in a variety of situations. He will cover not only technical aspects but also how to employ shutter speed from a creative standpoint. From very long exposures to nearly instantaneous captures with a strobe, David will make it easy to understand how to optimize your shutter speed in the field.

SPEAKER: David Swindler is an award-winning landscape and wildlife photographer based in Southern Utah. He received a degree in chemical engineering and worked many years in the semiconductor industry specializing in optics and photolithography. Back in 2014 he quit his day job to follow his true passion. As a photographer, he has traveled to many locations around the world and has extensive experience with landscape, wildlife, night, and macro photography. He runs Action Photo Tours full time and finds great satisfaction in taking people to remote and beautiful places in the Southwest and helping them take the best photos possible.