2023 is wrapped! Thanks for a great conference!

Lisa Langell - Ignite Your Creativity


This high-impact session brings creative innovation for every level of photographer!  I’ll energize you with ideas, inspirations and techniques in-camera and in post processing that will compel you to create innovative photography and artistry through the lens (and digital darkroom—even from your phone)! This session is packed with inspiration that will set your photography on fire!  This is THE session to attend.  I’ll help you think and engage in the world around you in new ways so that you can create photographic magic at a whole new level!


Lisa Langell

Lisa is known worldwide for her artistic, ethereal, and emotional nature photography.   She has been excited by photography and birdwatching since the age of eight.  Her inspiration comes from her love of wildlife combined with her prior careers in educational psychology, research and floral/interior design. She’s equally known for her high-quality, engaging photography instruction that has helped and empowered well over 25,000 students over the years.  Her humility and passion for photography and learning shines through in how she provides memorable, fun, and educational experiences that enrich, and expand photographers’ minds in wonderful ways.