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How to Find Compelling Compositions

Perhaps the single most difficult aspect of outdoor and landscape photography has to do with finding compelling and eye catching compositions. There’s so many tips and tricks and best practices out there on how to do it, but it can easily become overwhelming when trying to effectively implement all the advice you hear. In this session, we’ll discuss an easy workflow that has simplified the process of identifying compelling compositions for me. And, what makes this step by step process so helpful is that it’s a highly repeatable technique that can apply to any and all situations you may find yourself in wherever you are in the world.


MARK DENNEY - Mark began working as a part time freelance photographer in 2016 creating outdoor photography content for local brands and in 2018 rolled the dice and became a full time landscape photographer. Much of his YouTube content has been featured in publications such as PetaPixel, Fstoppers and ShutterBug Magazine.