2023 is wrapped! Thanks for a great conference!

Harnessing The Power of Landscape Photography for Travel

While travel and landscape photography are seemingly two very different styles – not only do they go together extremely well, but many of the advanced techniques used in capturing a landscape can also be used to design and compose a phenomenal pure travel image. In this presentation, Dan will break down how to blend landscape and travel photography, share how to use landscape techniques in travel environments and teach you to create eye movement, understand negative and supporting space and other key elements of image design. He will share his insight and images from 15 years of travel to over 60 countries, as well as some awesome simple tricks for shooting both travel and landscape images overseas.


DAN BALLARD- Dan Ballard is a pro landscape photographer, avid traveler and educator. He has been to over 60 countries across the globe in search of a great image or a memorable experience. Influenced by his early years growing up in a small town in Colorado, Dan’s love for photography comes from a strong desire to share a sense of wonder for the world with others. Dan has been invited to speak around the world at photo events and festivals, and he has sold images to major publications and clients globally, including The National Geographic Society and The Travel Channel. He teaches photo workshops year round.