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Experience to Expression. The Art of Effective Communication Through Photography

For most of us the time spent in interacting with nature is an exhilarating one. Involving the sense of vision, smell, sound, taste and touch, all our senses culminating in an unforgettable experience. As photographers when we try to convey that experience or recreate the emotional impact during such an experience, we are faced with the daunting task of having to condense and convey it through the single sense of vision in a two dimensional photograph.

SPEAKERS: Sapna Reddy is a pro landscape photographer based in Northern California. She is currently pursuing dual careers as a photographer and a physician. As a radiologist she studies images in an attempt to establish diagnosis to achieve cure. As a photographer she aspires to generate images that are both a creative expression for the artist as well as a therapeutic visual for the viewer. Her work has been published internationally and featured on National Geographic, Adobe, Sony , Lonely Planet and Flickr platforms. In addition to incorporation into multiple medical centers to create an ambiance of healing, her images have been used for video conferencing needs by corporations including Google,Gap, Hitachi, Yahoo etc. Select images are available in art galleries in over 80 countries worldwide through the Yellowkorner franchise. She is the brand ambassador for Gura Gear, Vallerret, and works as a collaborator with multiple additional brands including Adobe, B&H, Sony Bayphoto lab and Flickr.
Sapna conducts workshops both within US as well as internationally. These workshops are focussed on identifying and fine tuning individual creative style and creating meaningful images.