2023 is wrapped! Thanks for a great conference!

Edit Flow - Start to Finish (JESS SANTOS)

Each speaker will choose one of their own previously unpublished images and edit it from start to finish. This session will be open to audience feedback and Q&A.


JESS SANTOS- Jess Santos is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her passion for the desert long precedes her passion for photography. Art is in her blood, along with a lifetime of art education and a degree in Graphic Design from the Las Vegas Art Institute. Then one day she was gifted a camera and her desert passion and love for art exploded through the lens! Yes, she calls the desert her home and first love but she is a wanderer at heart, constantly on the road to her next adventure. She spends sleepless nights chasing the vibrant colors of desert landscapes and the distant glow of the Milky Way. She is captivated by new and varying ecosystems, and especially fascinated with life in extreme environments.