2023 is wrapped! Thanks for a great conference!

Couples in Photography: A Balanced Approach to Creativity

David and Nicki will be discussing the pros and cons of traveling and working together with a partner. The importance of effective communication, establishing boundaries and how to work together in the field to help each other achieve their creative vision. This session is great for all attendees including couples, or any photographer that wish to work and travel with other photographers.


DAVID DINETTE - David Dinette is outdoor enthusiast who specializes in backcountry landscape photography. Currently based out of Los Angeles California, David’s spirit for adventure took off when his grandfather introduced him to fly fishing as a child, in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, where he would explore some of the most stunning backcountry landscapes all throughout the “Range of Light”. With the mission of inspiring others to pursue adventure, the focus of his work is to capture powerful images that represent the feelings, emotions and spiritual connection that he felt in the moment. David’s work can be found in numerous publications and digital media, including Backpacker Magazine and Travel and Leisure. David also runs private backcountry workshops throughout California.

NICKI FRATES - Nicki Frates is a landscape photographer who blends a deep reverence for nature and an appetite for adventure with an intuitive eye to create images that offer a distinctive and passionate perspective of the physical world. Nicki’s immediate following in the landscape photography world was accelerated by the release of an image she shot in Yosemite entitled “Fire Falls.” The photo sold to many publications and was chosen from among 45,000 other registered images from around the world and was displayed at the exhibition in Siena as well as published in the official Collective Photo Book entitled Beyond the Lens. Nicki has also been featured on Pixels “Art My Way” docu-series, an inspiring video series which tells the stories of modern American visual artists and how they established themselves creatively. She has sold her work to numerous media publications, and has been a finalist in a variety of other national contests, such as Outdoor Photographer’s "The American Landscape 2016.” Nicki is no stranger to art. She comes from a background in fashion design where she honed her skills of bringing visions to life, as well as exercised a keen awareness about the market. Her vision has been enhanced by her spiritual connection to the natural world, and her intention is to share a bit of that magic through each photo. Nicki calls Los Angeles home and regularly travels globally to explore new destinations and capture the next shot.