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After 10,000 Miles & 10,000 Hours you learn a few things.

How does shooting Tiger Woods drive someone to launch a photography brand? With over a decade of experience as a photojournalist with USA Today Sports and co-Founder and General Manager of Atlas Packs, Allan Henry believes the world does not need any more camera bags. During his presentation Allan will be sharing a series of stories and insights based on his love for photography and experiences as an entrepreneur.

SPEAKERS: Hi, I’m Allan Henry, General Manager and co-Founder of Atlas Packs. I’m also a photographer like many of you. In 2008, I started my career as a photojournalist with USA Today Sports. Out of all the sports, golf is my favorite sport and my accolades include photo of the year from Sports Illustrated and getting hit by both Tiger and Rory. I’ve carried my camera gear through countless infields and airports, media centers and fairways and started Atlas Packs, because the world does not need any more camera bags. I believe the world needs comfortable fitted camera backpacks in a wide range of torso lengths and hip belts sizes. In 2017, atlaspacks.com went live and we started selling our packs and having conversations with customers all over the world. Today, Atlas Packs make the world’s only technical camera backpack line. As General Manager, I am responsible for the overall design and functionality of our products, the production and import from our factory in the Philippines, as well as sales and marketing.